XtremIO VDI Bliss: Better User Experience, Lower Cost, Easier Administration. At Every Scale.

VDI projects often stall or fail because their end-user experience, real-world costs, scalability and complexity just don’t deliver. The root cause for all of these is the storage. XtremIO all-flash arrays systematically address every VDI storage requirement. With proven deployments scaling to tens of thousands of users, XtremIO enables thousands of full and/or linked clones per X-Brick with unparalleled user experience, high availability, and the lowest cost per desktop. No trade-offs, no compromises.




  • Best $/Desktop: With leading data reduction, consolidation ratios, and performance, XtremIO provides the best overall value per desktop in the industry- with full clone persistent desktops finally costing far less than physical desktops. And for the first time, full clones can be deployed cost-effectively, so end-users and desktop admins are all happy.
  • Better than physical desktop user experience: Today’s end-users all expect the responsiveness of modern flash-based devices like tablets, smartphones, and ultrabooks for their applications, and most other VDI arrays just can’t deliver. XtremIO delivers massive I/O performance to ensure every desktop user gets that same flash-based user experience- and often better! And you don’t ever have to worry about performance hiccups due to boot-storms, desktop recomposes, new desktop clones, or other common VDI events.



  • Storm-proof: XtremIO’s unique architecture simply eliminates the issues with boot-, log-in-, and anti-virus scan storms.  With superior IOPS, latency, and real-time inline deduplication, the array delivers, no matter what the scale or user requirements. No external caching or acceleration solutions are needed- every desktop just runs fast all the time.




  • Rapid Provisioning.   Clone desktop images instantaneously and without consuming additional space.  Due to XtremIO’s inline deduplication, unique in-memory cloning/provisioning operations and integration with array offload APIs like VMware’s VAAI, new desktops are instantaneous, and hundreds of desktops can be rolled out in minutes. Big events like acquisitions, new hires, new offices, and project outsourcing are easy, simple, and hassle-free.


  • Simple scaling from pilot to production: XtremIO empowers you to easily move from pilot to large scale production. In contrast to all other VDI storage solutions, XtremIO enables you to quickly deploy linked clones, full clones, and pooled–static, pooled-random, dedicated, or Provisioning Services (PVS) desktops, or any combination of these to meet business requirements with no concessions for storage performance.You can support any VDI project from pilot through large-scale production with XtremIO’s unique scale-out  architecture. And with the Starter X-Brick, you can start with the 5TB entry configuration and expand dynamically by adding additional SSD capacity as you expand beyond Pilot.
  • Complete VDI & Converged Infrastructure Solutions XtremIO is the only flash storage solution integrated with EMC’s complete VDI solutions, including user data storage, backup, disaster recovery, security, and management. XtremIO is also the only flash solution integrated with both converged infrastructure VCE Vblock and proven infrastructure VSPEX solutions for the fastest, safest, easiest VDI deployments.


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